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Broadway Indoor Recycling Center

The Premiere Indoor Scrap Metal Recycling Center serving the entire Phoenix East Valley. Located in Mesa. Call (480) 639-0116

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Broadway Indoor Recycling Center

Saturdays are Back Again...
Open Everyday but Sundays!

Below is a list of Scrap Metals we Recycle at our comfortable Indoor Recycling Center... Now Accepting Electronic Scrap .

We are CURRENTLY NOT Paying for Steel/Iron

  • Aluminum: cans, household items, lawn mower, lawn chair, chain saw, window frame, screen door.
  • Brass: plumbing, automotive parts, farm items, household items, etc.
  • Cast: heating stoves, window weights, automotive parts, piping.
  • Copper: plumbing, household items, roofing, wire.
  • Die Cast: plumbing parts, automotive parts.
  • Lead: roofing, plumbing, fishing, etc.
  • Stainless: household items, plumbing, parts, industrial items.
  • Steel: piping, farm items, automotive parts, roofing, siding.
  • Tin: bicycles, B-B-Q, household items, siding, roofing, gutters.
  • Wire Electric: household, automotive, industrial (copper or aluminum).
  • Electronic Scrap.
  • Cardboard - We are NOT ACCEPTING cardboard at this time.
  • And More... Please contact us about your specific needs.

Mission Statement


We all know the value of living in a healthy and clean environment. In fact we are constantly reminded of this when we watch TV, read a newspaper, go on the Internet or by simply looking in our own backyards. There is a huge need to rid our communities and our homes of unsightly used items that can be recycled. Even the great job that our waste disposal service provides us with it simply is not enough to cover all our needs as a society.

At Broadway Indoor Recycling Center we provide our customers with the best solution and pay top dollar for their unwanted recyclable items. We are highly focused on providing the very best environmentally sound and cost effective solution to all of our residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers. Our excellent service not only meets our customers high expectations but helps us maintain our leadership role in this industry at the very best price.